Conquer overwhelm and follow through on your goals as an adult with ADHD...

...Even if you have failed before and given up


Do any of these resonate with you?

You feel like everyday is Groundhog's day


you have hope that today will be different in your attempts to manage your ADHD.

You know you need help in following through and understanding how to finally complete what you set out to


You get distracted and start something else.

You want to be more organized


You don't even know where to start.

You know you are capable of more


Get in your own way.

If so, you are not alone, the majority of ADHDers say that they know they are not reaching their potential.

The BIG Problem...

As an adult with ADHD, no one teaches us who we are at the core, how to make decisions that we truly want and follow through on, how to lead a confident and thriving life in a neurotypical world, and how to function as an organized, efficient, and productive adult.

We can often go through our childhood and adult lives trying out endless systems and consistently not seeing them through, getting bored, jumping into another system, because we don’t know why we were even really motivated from the start!

We have high hopes in the beginning that THIS system will be “IT” for us, but when it fails we can take it personally and think we are not “good enough”, compare ourselves to others, and end up replaying the same question of “why bother when I know it’s just going to fail anyway?!”

As an Adult with ADHD and feedback from hundreds of my clients, I hear way too often, “I know I am smart and MORE CAPABLE than people that are doing better than me, but why can’t I just reach my potential?!”

It’s true!

Adults with ADHD have SO MUCH POTENTIAL!

But so often from shame in our past, trying endless ways that don’t work, we feel even worse about ourselves and truly don’t reach our potential!

But there is hope!

What if you didn't have to even THINK about your lack of confidence and felt confident in your decision making, your actions and your goals?

With the right tools, it is possible for your brain to unlock your true potential, create goals and plans that ACTUALLY MATTER, AND SEE THEM THROUGH!

My proven-proprietary 3 Step Process, “3C Activation” (Control, Consistency and Confidence), combined with an active Adult ADHD community and group coaching, has allowed my previous clients to finally feel hope for the first time!

I’m confident that it can do the same for you.

Unlike other programs that need to be done all by yourself, or promise you the solution, but don‘t actually work for your ADHD brain, 3C Activation “The ADHD Adult Toolkit” works because it understands the ADHD brain, and has been tried and tested on hundreds of adult professionals with ADHD just like you!.


...Dramatically reducing ADHD overwhelm.

...Jumpstarting your goals and action and understanding your next steps!

...Never having to again question yourself and your decisions!

It’s all possible!


3C Activation Course Toolkit for Adults with ADHD

3C Activation Course is a MUST for adult professionals with ADHD who are beyond ready to step into a new paradigm of living, find order in the chaos of their ADHD life, and transform themselves so they can be more productive, confident, and lead a thriving life.

Join my 3C Activation Course for Adults with ADHD and in 4 short hours, you will...

  • CONTROL THE CHAOS of your ADHD for the foreseeable future.
  • LEARN what school did not teach you about how to organize and focus your time with your ADHD.
  • IMPLEMENT these time management strategies in your daily life.
  • EFFECTIVELY ELIMINATE your time sucks and things that cause you STRESS!
  • HAVE A PLAN of action of what needs to get done, step-by-step with accountability and support.
Get more confident with your ADHD and be the potential that you knew you always deserved!

Here's How Each Lesson Will Go...

Lessons 1-4

PHASE 1: Foundational Self Discovery

  • Evaluate where you are in the key pillar areas of your life.
  • Identify where you want to be in your target areas and create a road map.
  • Identify your core values and how they impact your decision-making process.
  • Discover the qualities that you admire in yourself and others.
  • Evaluate your top character strengths.
  • Learn how to maximize your strengths to be exceptional while building upon your weaknesses.
  • Understand your "Why's" and discover your intrinsic motivation behind your goals and decisions.
Lessons 5-8

PHASE 2: Growth Edge Zone

  • Discover strategies to propel you forward in organizing your tasks, and improving upon your time management.
  • Evaluate how to monitor and regulate your time.
  • Break down key strategies to stay focused.
  • Evaluate the areas or tasks in your life that you "peripherally" don't see.
  • Manage your overwhelm once the "blinders" come off.
  • Learn what you are tolerating, and how to avoid your to-don'ts for greater productivity.
Lessons 9-12

PHASE 3: 3C ACTIVATION Control, Consistency, Confidence

  • Learn and identify your time sucks and how to stop SUCKING your time and gain back time in your day!
  • Explore where you focus most of your time and START spending MORE TIME in the areas that ENERGIZE YOU!
  • Learn how to improve your confidence, decrease anxiety, and stress by confronting tasks and conversations you have been procrastinating on.
  • Determine areas of your life that you would like to get unstuck on after acquiring all of the tools to be productive, and seek out new opportunities at the end of this course.

To sum up...

Join my 3C Activation course and in just 4 hours, you'll have all the tools you need to feel more confident, and unlock your true potential living with ADHD.


PLUS, you'll get these exclusive bonuses for joining...


4 Live Group Coaching Calls

Small 1 hour group coaching calls on each module of 3C Activation. All are welcome to send their questions ahead of time to be answered on the call. Hotseat coaching will take place.


All Previous and Future Call Recordings for a Year

All previous and current calls, extra worksheets and notes will be uploaded for your review.


Private Facebook Community

All 3C Activation course members will have LIFETIME access to our private and intimate Facebook group for peer-to-peer support, accountability and inspiration.


Accountability Partners/Body Doubling Group

You will have LIFETIME access to our private WhatsApp group in addition to our Focusmate group to stay accountable by body doubling with other members of our 3C Activation community.

What are people saying about 3C Activation?

"In terms of DAILY FUNCTIONALITY, EMOTIONAL REGULATION AND SELF-AWARENESS, it was an ENORMOUS GAME CHANGER. It provided exercises which continue to steer me towards communications and actions which are aligned with my STRENGTHS AND VALUES. At 54, I am finally at the helm of my life with a healthy understanding of how I got here, how I operate in default mode and how I can now channel my energy in more positive manners."

- Michael Liss, Lawyer

"As the Director of People for a global wellbeing company, it was extremely important to make sure our employees had the BEST TOOLS and ADVICE to navigate working from home during a pandemic. Brooke helped implement and navigate best work from home practices WHILE DEALING WITH A TON OF DISTRACTIONS. Brooke and 3C Activation were absolutely inspirational and motivational. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Brooke's 3C Activation course!"

- Dan Steinberg, DOP of Chopra Global

"The strategies have liberated my sanity. I went from such a bad place, with so much on my plate. I was in survival mode. This helps you gain balance and clarity. Your mind is clear and you can do things more efficiently and not run in circles. THERE ARE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO NEED THIS HELP!"

- Ginger Becerra, VP of Logistics

"These strategies have helped me to sort out mind whenever I feel like I need to be doing a million things. Put less pressure on myself to have the perfect answer. It has helped me stay focused on the most important task."

- Marissa Kai Miluk MS, RDN, LD

"Thank you for changing my life."

- Mark, Grad Student @ NYU finishing his thesis

"Brooke helped me feel less ashamed of my ADHD, which helped me focus more on what would help me, sleep more, and organizing my time. I then felt confident enough to acknowledge medication would help even more and recently started and seeing more improvements!"

- Aleana Naylor, Dietitian and Coach

Brooke Schnittman MA, ACC, BCC

With over 16 years of experience working with ADHDers in a school and coaching setting, being in leadership roles for over 20 years, getting a late ADHD diagnosis at the age of 35, I have personally learned and taught thousands of individuals the tools and techniques you are about to learn.

Not only have I used them with my clients and students, I have also taught them and shared them with companies including, ADDA, Additude Magazine, Chopra Global, Yahoo Finance, Google News, Fox 5 news, CHADD, and ADHD EdCamp, just to name a few.

Who is the 3C Activation Course for?

It's for Adults with ADHD who are looking for a change in the status quo and want to get organized, focused, and clear to become more confident!

  • Entrepreneurs/Creatives with ADHD who have struggled with knowing what big move is next for them and also need help managing their time with ADHD.
  • Grad Students with ADHD who need help with scheduling, future plans, understanding themselves and their time management.
  • Employees with ADHD who want to perform at their best at work and in their personal lives so they can finally complete projects and tasks before their deadlines, with the motivation and tools that are needed, so they can have a better work environment, AND get back to the hobbies and people they love and enjoy.

...this course is for you!









Join my 3C Activation Course for Adults With ADHD Today!

And invest in yourself to unlock your true potential!

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  • 12 Recorded Lessons
  • Guided Worksheets
  • Bonus: 4 Group Coaching Calls
  • Bonus: Previous Call Recordings
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  • Bonus: Accountability Partner

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  • 12 Recorded Lessons
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  • Bonus: 4 Group Coaching Calls
  • Bonus: Previous Call Recordings
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  • 12 Recorded Lessons
  • Guided Worksheets
  • Bonus: 4 Group Coaching Calls
  • Bonus: Previous Call Recordings
  • Bonus: Private Facebook Community
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14-Day Money Back Guarantee

There's no risk to try the 3C Activation Course. If you're not happy with the course for any reason, email me within 14 days of your purchase for a full refund.

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